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DEC Camp Notebook
Creation of a unique notebook for campers for English Speaking camp. Notebook of 96 pages to fill both during the session and after it.
Services: design
Ermetov Clinic
Development of corporate identity, brand book and visual part for SMM. Visual solutions are designed for the author's dental clinic.
Services: design
Online shop creation the Spanish clothing brand Enaut - for young, daring and fair-minded people. Pure and unconditional beauty – this is what the target audience has in mind; this is what the brand represents.
Pepsi Vending Machine
We created a vending machine styled application. Developed for tablets, the app allowed people to take part in the lottery of Pepsi gifts.
Хорольский Завод Детского Питания
Package Design of "Малиш", "Малышка", "Малютка".
Services: design
IT academy ProfIT
Redesign of the site of the Ukrainian IT school, development and implementation of a communication strategy in social media. Development of lead generation strategy in social networks and attracting students for training in the academy.
Dream Land
Website development for children's entertainment centre - one of the largest in Ukraine.
AUDI RS Tracker
Mobile app development for an official Audi dealer in Ukraine. The application is designed for test drives of new Audi RS models in 2016.
New Audi Q7
Design and web development of a new Q7 promo website. Test drive registration service for new Audi Q7.
Dry cleaning «Fresh»
Comprehensive development of a corporate website for the network of dry cleaning in Kiev «Fresh»
Golf SportWagen
Development of promo website for test drive registration of new Volkswagen Golf SportWagen.
Dream Island
Website development for Kiev Dream Island water park using video elements. The unique administrative panel was developed, taking into account the detailed wishes of the customer for maximum usability of management.
Porsche Center Kiev Airport
Website development aimed to inform about schedules of tours, including test drives and accepting applications for participation.
Kiev Azerbaijan Congress
Website development for the Congress of Kiev Azerbaijanis. The main task was to display the news of Congress.
Unius Learning Product Video
Motion video development for the educational portal Unius Learning.
Services: animated videos
Samsung - 14 February Commercial
Video production for the Valentine's Day promo campaign in Samsung Ukrainian stores.
Services: video production
Adaptil & Feliway
Development of the landing page of products for Adaptil & Feliway - anti-stress pheromones for pets. The task of the site was to acquaint owners of cats and dogs with the specifics of products, find out points of sales and study reviews.
Web design and corporate website development for the advertising agency YADRO.
Landing Page for Ballet School
Landing page production for "Sunrise" - Julia Shumak's dance school for adults and children. The task of the site is to show users, possible classes and schedule, as well as give the opportunity to sign up for a trial lesson.
DEC Camp Notebook
Creation of a unique notebook for campers for English Speaking camp. Notebook of 96 pages to fill both during the session and after it.
Services: design


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    Speak up
    Cеть школ английского языка.
    Международная школа Speak Up основана в 2000 году в Польше и является одной из крупнейших сетей языковых школ в Европе. По состоянию на 2017 год в сеть входит 100 школ в четырех странах – Польше, Украине, России и Вьетнаме
    • Инструменты:
      Продвижение поста Вконтакте
      Таргетинговая реклама Facebook
    • Какая цель:
      Лидогенерация – получить заявку на регистрацию на курс
    • Какой результат:
      Конверсия – 18%
      Цена лида – $1,1
    • Где:
      Киев, Кривой Рог, Одесса

    Social Media Marketing

    Target audience analysis, KPI examination, and consideration of the promotion goals, communication and content strategy creation as well as a unique visual style for all the social networks. Starting with the high and mighty Facebook, and ending with the underrated concise Twitter. After all, SMM has long evolved into the big thing from the kittens and pink-colored pics.
    Forget about cliched content - we know how to attract the potential audience, how to increase brand awareness and how to promote sales. We make our own media outlet of the social network page, while the client becomes the main character of our digital story.
    More followers. More likes. Wider coverage. Higher involvement. You can repeat this like a mantra and hope for a miracle. Or you can utilize liking and promo posts in social networks with an exact key-message targeted at the right audience - and drink cosmic latte enjoying the result then. We don’t know about you, but we prefer the second option.
    Video and social networks stuck together just like the Moon and the Earth, like Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker, like milk and honey. We not only create cool video stories for your brand but also we make sure that they hit your target audience. All formats - pre-rolls, post-rolls, teasers, overlay - on all platforms - Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, and even Vkontakte. If a video is a fire then professional promotion is a gasoline. Well, let's light it up!
    We make business card sites, corporate websites, and online stores. We create back-end applications in PHP (Laravel) and Node.js. We Revive the front end on React.js & Vue.js and launch rockets on WebGL. "But idle talk is worthless. Give me the result" - our programmer would respond. Just get us your crazy idea and we’ll offer an elegant and high-quality solution.
    Time is of the greatest importance. That’s why cross-platform solutions on Xamarin, React Native, Apache Cordova really are our thing. We develop mobile applications and create mobile games with Unity. In a nutshell, we digitalize the business in a big and stylish way.
    The User Interface is like a joke - it’s no good if you have to explain it. That’s why we create easy and effective UI and conduct UX research to help a user to meet their goal. After all, it’s set in stone for us - people overlook the design that overlooks people.
    Proper SEO and white hat link building will help you to get your website to the top of Google and Yandex search - and not to screw up. Our moon SEO-specialists who know search engines ranking factors like the back of their space suit will ensure that the website holds one of the highest position for a good long while. After all, you become responsible, forever, for what you have audited.
    Effective contextual advertising from certified Google partners - it’s all about us. GDN-banners that show up wherever you are. Dynamic remarketing that reads minds. The exact call in the search engine stimulates sales. Drop us a line - and we will draft an offer for you, depending on the project goals.
    Facebook is watching you. And be sure - it knows more about you than you think. If the data is the 21st century’s oil then Zuckerberg is the wealthiest and the most powerful Arab sheik. Where there’s something that Zuckerberg knows, there’s a way for us to know it too. We carefully explore the insights, set our Apollo on - and run the most successful advertising campaigns on Facebook & Instagram. Man doesn’t live by Facebook alone, in our portfolio, there are cases of successful promotion in Vkontakte, OK, Linkedin, Twitter, Youtube. Hop on our digital moon ship – and we’ll get you above all the others.
    In the world without web analytics tools, everything would be for nothing. Guesswork instead of accurate data. Questionable predictions - instead of the insights. Our web analyst would just hate such a world, and not that we blame him. That’s why we set up performance metrics - the key to understanding how users make their purchases and their decisions. We assess the effectiveness of the advertising campaign, measure the level of sales, calculate ROI, CLTV, conduct ABC analysis or RUM. Since one cannot manage what one cannot measure.
    We develop a complete digital strategy in terms of communication, content, and promotion. We’ve got it all covered. To read the brief, explore the market and analyze competitors’ activity. Then, do some fieldwork, carry out a couple of dozen CDI – before identifying the most important insights. To find that very niche for the brand - discover its place in the Blue Ocean. To provide a creative concept - idea, naming, slogan, brand story, and visualization. The functionality still remains at the core of this triumph of ideas, while attractiveness is a byproduct.
    Whether you need to create a brand identity from scratch or get a rebranding - we can help. We’ll draw a neat logo, design a corporate pattern, select a harmonious font, draft a brand book. It’s gonna be epic. Trust me, our astronauts are itching to start the creative process.
    In such a digitalized world, a flawlessly designed website is a total must. Lucky for you, the Moon is near. A business card site, landing page, a corporate website or even the entire online store - we’re able to design everything.
    Need to explain difficult things with simple animation - mission is possible. We write an exciting and selling script, visualize the character and create animated videos in the doodle, 2D and 3D rolls formats. If you need that viral video spreading all over the Internet before you know it - we’ve got no problems, Houston. Drop us a line, and we’ll take care of everything.
    Our video is your universal digital weapon. It doesn’t matter whether your goal is to gain conversions, raise awareness, increase sales or tell the world about your company. Everything is possible. Earth is a strange place where one video might outweigh a million words, and clips with a dancing Chinese receive billions of views. Shall we use it?

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